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The first Large Scale Regional BBS in Eastern Africa.


Since the establishment of branch office in Kenya in March 2011, BF Suma has achieved immense development in the eastern Africa region. The robust growth of BF Suma not only has received the admiration from the people of Kenya, it is also rapidly expanding to the neighboring countries in eastern Africa.

With a strong company background, top quality products, comprehensive support and an attractive business scheme, BF Suma has become a leader of Health Products Direct Marketing in Africa.

More than a thousand distributors from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, southern Sudan, Zambia gathered under one roof in the SIXTYEIGHT HOTEL in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, on 11 November 2011. They reviewed and shared the challenges and achievements during the course of development in Kenya. A bright prospect of BF Suma in Africa can be anticipated from the growth of distributors, both in terms of network scale and competence, as well as their unbeatable enthusiasm.


The opening session of the meeting started with greetings and self-introduction of distributors from each country. Through the event, BF SUMA distributors from different countries united as a big family, exchanged visions, experiences and skills, and even developed joint efforts for their Bright Future.

Mr. Andy Hu, Regional Sales Manager of BF SUMA Eastern Africa, and Mr. Wallace Huang, Financial Manager of BF Suma Africa, chaired this important milestone event. Andy reminisced and shared the challenges and encouraging moments during the development journey of BF SUMA in Kenya. He expressed his utmost gratitude to all the distributors for their great support to BF SUMA and received the warmest applause from the audience.




Andy further illustrated the blueprint of the coming development of BF SUMA and announced the establishment of an exclusive member club, the Jacaranda Club, which is a club of elites for senior members in the eastern Africa region.

Inspired and confident, BF Suma distributors from across multiple countries in the eastern Africa region are ready to march towards the brighter future and to lead the future of Health Products direct Marketing Industry in Africa together.

To provide a more comprehensive picture of BF Suma to new business partners, two senior lecturers, Mr. Boniface Musyoka and Mr. James Inoti, were invited to introduce BF Suma’s products and business plan in the meeting. Their exceptional presentation skills, rich product knowledge and the excellence of BF SUMA deeply impressed the audience and won a tempest of applause.

The valuable speech of Mr. Boniface Musyoka and Mr. James Inoti was followed by the excellent demonstration of the “10 Characteristics of Successful Sales Peoples” by Madam Purity Mbakah. “Success can come that easy” was the deepest impression of the audiences after the presentation. As long as you have the passion and willingness to follow the trainings of BF Suma, everyone in the BF SUMA family can succeed with no doubts.

The seminar reached its climax during the presentation of testimony. A user of BF SUMA products shared his experience, “BF SUMA restores my health. It is like a rebirth of life!” The distributors were overwhelmed It when the consumer announced that he would give his own car to the distributor who had introduced BF Suma product to him. The top grade quality of product is again the foundation of success of health products.
At the end of the meeting, all the participants stood up and gave their big hands to BF SUMA. From their flooding smiles, the bright future of BF SUMA in Africa can be anticipated.

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