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Our key values of innovation, safety, efficacy, sincerity, are realized throughout the development, production and delivery of the top-quality BF Suma health products.

BF Suma Health Supplements are developed in GLP regulations compliant top class laboratories by a strong research and development team (R&D) of highly experienced pharmaceutical and nutritive experts with PhD and Master Degrees.  New premium products are formulated with the support of innovative scientific breakthrough, attaining proven efficacy and better efficiency.

To deliver the best quality in every single tablet, capsule and sachet, BF Suma implements strict quality control policies in every procedure of manufacturing, quality control (QC), storage and delivery.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is the authentic standard of manufacturing and quality management of pharmaceutical and health products that ensure the safety and efficacy of products meet the formulated and desired quality.

All BF Suma QC laboratories and manufacturing plants are cGMP certified.  All facilities are designed, constructed and operated in compliance with the FDA and cGMP regulations to safeguard the standards of products safety, efficacy and purity.

Anatic™ Herbal Essence ...

Your Personal Hygiene Keeper!


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A relaxing sip of tea, Luobuma


Insect Gone spray

Invisible shield from INSECT