NMN: A new killing power of Covid-19


NMN: A new killing power of Covid-19  

By BF Suma  03,09,2021

The global outbreak of Covid-19 has been going on for almost 1 year. The outbreak will be effectively controlled by all efforts, but there is a risk that the infection will become chronic, which means it will become a long-term human disease like influenza. Not encouraging,  the virus itself will continue to mutate to adapt to environment, so in the short term will form a situation where humans and viruses coexist and hold each other in check.

If the epidemic continues for a long time, the most important thing is to enhance the immunity of your body. NMN has a lot to offer in terms of strengthening the immune system and strengthening the ability to defend oneself.


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NMN may assist in the rehabilitation of Covid-19?

At the beginning of the epidemic, Khanahmd's team at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in Iran suggested for the first time that NAD+ supplementation might be effective in preventing and even treating Covid-19.

On April 19, Collin D. Heer of the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Iowa published in BioRxiv the results of an in vitro experiment in which the function of PARPs in human bronchial epithelial and lung cells infected with Coronavirus was significantly restored by supplementation with NMN substances.

They suggest that DNA damage caused by Coronavirus infection forces cells to activate large amounts of PARP enzymes for DNA repair. However, since PARP operation itself consumes large amounts of NAD+, which affect cellular energy supply. Based on this research finding, scientists suggest that a prerequisite with NAD+ supplementation may be a new and feasible means to aid in the rehabilitation of Covid-19.

There was the exciting news that U.S. doctors had used NMN to assist in the recovery of a 55-year-old infected person. There is sufficient theoretical support for the condition, and safety has been clinically proven, for professionals to propose an attempt to use NMN cocktail therapy as an adjunct to rehabilitation.

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Why does NMN assist in the rehabilitation of Covid-19?

At the end of May 2020, Dr. David Sinclair, published another article that comprehensively analyzed the relationship between aging and Coronavirus, proposing that in addition to PARPs, there is a substantial association between NAD+ levels and Coronavirus. In July 2020, several medical experts took an in-depth look at the feasibility of using NAD+ supplements and SIRT1 activators as a treatment modality.

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NMN has good anti-inflammatory ability which plays a great role in the cell storm caused by infection, becoming a viable adjuvant recovery tool. Under conditions of abundant NAD+ levels, the expression of Adam17 (a protein capable of accelerating the release of inflammatory factors) is highly inhibited by the long-lived protein Sirt1. In other words, NAD+ levels and Sirt1 activity directly determine the killing power of Covid-19 in humans.

NMN, its clinical application significance is gradually being discovered. And we believe that, in the future, it will have infinite possibilities.

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